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Time Tracking

Focus privacy by protecting your organization's legitimate interests

Protection of Legitimate Interests

This module is designed and configured in an ethical manner that respects the privacy of employees, avoiding invasion of their privacy and focusing on protecting the legitimate interests of the organization.

Ethics and Privacy in Module Design: Protecting Employees and the Organization

Activity and Productivity Reports: Provides detailed reports on users' time usage, which can help improve efficiency and optimize operations.

Application Monitoring and resource usage: Allows you to monitor which applications are being used, how much time is spent on each one, and how they are used.

Activity logging: The ability to record the line of activity of users on their workstations, including access to applications, websites and files. Allows you to block or restrict access to certain unauthorized applications or websites, helping to increase security and productivity.

Suspicious Activity Alerts: The ability to generate automatic alerts when unusual or suspicious activity is detected in the workplace.

Compliance with policies and regulations: Ensures that users follow the policies and regulations established by the organization, such as those related with the acceptable use of computing resources.

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