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Permission Management

Reduce security risks and facilitate the administration of your systems

Optimizing Security with Audit and Permit Management

Permission Audit and Management to ensure proper permission management, reducing security risks and facilitating systems administration

Total Control of Permits: Audit and Effective Administration

Permission Audit Log: A system that records all activities related to permission management, including actions taken by authorized users.

Permission change notifications : The ability to receive alerts or notifications when permission changes are made, helping to detect potential security issues or unauthorized attempts.

Permission reporting and analysis: Detailed reporting and analysis of assigned permissions and their usage, helping to identify potential vulnerabilities or inconsistencies in permission settings.

Real-time permission management< /b>: The ability to apply permission changes immediately, without the need to restart or interrupt services or systems.

Periodic permission reviews: The functionality to perform audits and Periodic reviews of assigned permissions to ensure that users only have access to what they really need.

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Reporting and centralized management of permissions facilitates the administration of users and access rights, guaranteeing consistency in the security policies of organizations.
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