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File Audit

Compliance with policies and regulations.

Improving the Security of your Data through File Audit

The Files Audit solution contributes to a better security posture by increasing visibility and control over data use in the organization

Reinforced Data Security: Comprehensive File Audit

Activity log: Allows you to maintain a detailed record of all actions performed on the files, including who accessed, when, from where and what actions were performed.

Reports and analysis: Provides periodic or real-time reports on file activities, which helps evaluate the effectiveness of security policies and detect trends or anomalies.

Forensic audit: Facilitates the investigation of past security incidents by providing a detailed history of file-related events.

Protection against unauthorized changes: Allows you to alert, identify and revert changes unexpected events in critical files that may be indicative of an intrusion.

Centralization: Global visibility of all file events in your organization regardless of their location (on-premise, cloud , endpoint…).

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