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Data Classification

Strengthen your company's security posture to reduce the risk of incidents

Strengthening Data Protection with Efficient Classification

Classifying sensitive data is an essential practice to safeguard information and comply with privacy and data protection regulations. It also helps strengthen security posture and reduce the risk of incidents related to the exposure of confidential information.

Protecting Sensitive Data:
Classification and Comprehensive Control

Multi-environment classification management: Provides tools to classify and locate sensitive data stored in local repositories, cloud, desktops, etc., extending security beyond the organization's perimeter.

Sensitive data access audit log: A system that records all activities related to access to sensitive data, allowing you to track who has accessed what information and when .

Data leak protection: The functionality to prevent or detect the exfiltration of sensitive data, whether through electronic means or physical prints.

Data lifecycle management: Allows you to define policies for the proper storage, retention and disposal of sensitive data, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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