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It all starts with having a correct vision of risk

The modules included in Arexdata DSPM are the pillars of your data risk management strategy.
They help you have a comprehensive view of all the risks to which your data is exposed and take immediate action before damage occurs.

File Audit

File Audit contributes to a better security posture, as it increases visibility and control over the use of data in the organization

Permission Management

Permissions Audit and Management to ensure proper management of permissions, reducing security risks and facilitating systems administration.

Data Classification

Classification of sensitive data is an essential practice to safeguard information and comply with privacy and data protection regulations. It also helps strengthen security posture and reduce the risk of incidents related to the exposure of confidential information.

Time Tracking

This module is designed and configured in an ethical manner that respects the privacy of employees, avoiding invasion of their privacy and focusing on protecting the legitimate interests of the organization.


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Our Solutions Mix Technical Features, Processes And Rule Policies In Order To Anchor Data Security At The Heart Of The Company.


Data Risk Management

Arexdata Tools are your cornerstones in your Data Risk Management strategy. They help you to have a comprehensive vision of all current risks posed to your data and to undertake immediate action before any damage is done. Arexdata provide full solutions to implement major Security strategies, such as Data Loss Prevention, Ransomware and Attack prevention and to ensure Business Continuity. Among your security roles and processes, Arexdata Tools enforce your Data Security policies on unstructured data across all store technologies, whether they are internally based (NAS, file servers, end points) or externally based (Office 365, online Sharepoint, Onedrive and Google documents, etc.).

Data Risk Governance

Data Access Governance is all about controlling access, permissions and privileges in order to grant only what is required by the business and to avoid excessive or stale entitlements.
Arexdata Tools serves Data Access Governance perfectly by providing awareness and enabling enforcement capabilities at each step of the Data and/or Account lifecycle. Its strength is to tackle useless or overprovisioned permissions and to reduce opportunities for Data Security breaches.

Security Policies Enforcement

The best security strategies rely on simplicity and a clear vision of how rights should be layered and distributed, and on a strong application discipline.

Arexdata Tools enable you to reach this level of security management maturity, providing you with all the reporting and alerting facilities to control “Zero Trust”, “Least Privilege Access” principles enforcement, in order to trigger actionable incitements to make it goes reality.

Arexdata tools are also flexible enough to integrate your own policies that your business or specific regulatory environment dictates. Control and trigger capabilities can be similarly actioned.

Privilege Account Control

No privilege if not business justified

Account privileges must be monitored as they are the preferred entry point for attackers. The easier privileges are accessed, the easier attackers can achieve their goal - unless they are adequately controlled. And companies have many points of access that are not specifically monitored and that contain tangled rights which have accumulated over time. These are “open doors” for attackers.
Arexdata tools can help you monitor privileged accounts (Administrators) by surveying what they do, by checking that they are used only for what they are there for and by controlling that no more access is granted than needed.
Arexdata tools help you to keep Active Directory management clean by spotting unused Admin accounts, reporting on account activity or detecting unusual or strong rights directly attached to a single user. Arexdata tools review rights periodically.

Manage NAS volumes complexity

Security on NAS volumes, with a lot of data accumulated over the years can be very complex and fast become a nightmare.

Data classification resulting in a categorization from various perspectives helps a lot:

  • Regulatory data perspective
  • Business sensitivity data perspective
  • Business ownership perspective
  • Usage and staleness data perspective
  • Access perspective – identifying “out-of-purpose” access, or risk of access, from users having excessive permissions that are not required for their business

Workforce Management

Increase productivity and effectiveness of your workforce

The growing number of remote workers, especially in the current situation, throws up many questions about the management of this new “way-of-working”.

  • How to keep teams productive and efficient?
  • How to anticipate activity spikes and provide the required capacity?
  • How to comply with labour regulation and working time limitations?
  • How to monitor the actual activity of employees (access, presence, activity type)?

Arexdata tools gives you the ability to track end-points for the topics listed. Detailed analytics are provided to identify areas where improvement can occur and to be able to monitor at a later stage the benefits of actions undertaken.

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