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Partners a smart ecosystem

We Grow As Our Partners Grow, Supporting Their Offering And Their Resources - Or Simply By Technology Symbiosis

We are looking for commercial partnerships

We believe in long term and reciprocal relationships, based on common interest and in mutual trust.
We’re looking for distribution and EOM agreements to increase the distribution of our products embedded in larger-value propositions to customers.
We’re interested by pure sale distribution in geographies where we're not yet established and by technology partnerships to design innovative offerings in the interest of our / your customers.

Solutions made for MSPs

Embedded multi-tenancy design

Our embedded multi-tenancy design makes our solutions particularly suited to organizations looking for full control of multiple entities.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are facing multi-customer contexts all day, every day. Our software provides them easy and high-performing solutions to enable them to deliver complex Data Security services with granular control and great results.

Dedicated configuration
Manage several entities with their specificities, their dedicated monitoring and alerting rules - all in a single instance of the software.
Security and isolation
No permeability among tenants, full isolation and dedicated administration rights for each delegation of managed entities.
Central Monitoring
Manage a large number of customers on a single console, with great comfort and efficiency.

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