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Data Protection in Fintech

The rapid advancement of technology and the global transition towards digital financial services have caused the Fintech sector to grow significantly. Unlike traditional banks and financial institutions, Fintech companies operate almost exclusively on digital platforms, using advanced technology to offer financial services. This sector handles large volumes of confidential financial

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Arexdata DSPM success at RSA 2024

The RSA Conference 2024, held in the vibrant city of San Francisco, once again proved to be a premier event for cybersecurity professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts. Among the many companies that made their mark at this prestigious conference was Arexdata, a rising star in the realm of data security and

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Arexdata Solutions


Auditing and continuous analysis of data behavior are currently the only way to understand and control data, regardless of its location in a company.


Establish alerts and protection measures that allow us to stay ahead of actions that may harm or alter the data and proper functioning of a company.


Knowing the most relevant data for an organization's business continuity involves knowing its location, who has access to it and how it is used.


Track and Record the origin, access and changes made to data, providing a detailed history to ensure its integrity and regulatory compliance.


Reporting and centralized management of permissions facilitates the administration of users and access rights, guaranteeing consistency in the security policies of organizations.