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About us

Arexdata was born when the market detected a need for a tool that can unify different functionalities that helps organizations save time and effort when protecting and securing their data.

Given this market demand, in 2022 and with a management team with more than 25 years of experience, AREXDATA DSPM is launched, the platform that contributes to companies efficient management and protection of their most valuable asset: their DATA.

Why Arexdata?

The data generated and stored by individuals, companies and organizations has increased exponentially. This includes personal, business, research, customer, sales, and more. The management of this large volume of data has become a fundamental element in the decision-making and operation of many companies and a key factor for information leaks and cybercriminals.

The growing threat of cyber attacks and security breaches has increased the demand for solutions to protect data. Companies need to secure their digital assets and confidential information against threats such as ransomware and data theft.

The ability to extract valuable information from large amounts of data has led to a growing demand for data analysis. Companies seek to convert their data into knowledge to make strategic decisions and improve their performance.

To train models and make automated decisions, tools such as AI and machine learning require large data sets, which has driven the need for greater efficiency in their location, classification and management.

When an organization implements policies, processes and practices to ensure the quality, security, privacy and regulatory compliance of its data, it seeks to ensure that the data is accurate, reliable and used appropriately throughout the organization. As a result, you will have adequate decision making and optimal regulatory compliance.


Our slogan defines what our mission is. Because for companies, their data is their greatest value. Because for Arexdata our clients are our greatest value.


Because the most precious resource of a company is its people, at Arexdata we have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who make the company have more value every day.


We protect your data from disruption

Our Mission Is To Keep Data Security Breaches Away From Your Business


Security is a matter for all

Business must be safe in all situations, particularly in cases of malicious intent for your data. All departments have a responsibility to keep Data security at the highest priority level to prevent any vulnerability being exploited for an attack.

That is why we have designed products tailored for every type of user:

  • IT Security level – in conjunction with other Security domains such as perimetric security
  • Risk Officer, Information Officer and Data Chief Officer, Regulation Compliance – for consistent global policies, compliance, and review
  • Business Line level – Data-Owners in primary position to detect abnormal situations and to apply the right behaviour

We love undertaking big challenges

Simplicity and efficiency
We are guided by a new prism of Data Security. We’re looking for more simplicity and efficiency in data protection management and governance. Where our competitors make numerous features and modules that are hard to understand and implement, we strive to do more and simplify.
Customer centric
We design our features to serve our customer's business. Beyond technology, our business mindset drives us to dedicated solutions outside the common IT-centric management approach. We also design solutions suited to practical needs such as for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
Driven by innovation, we constantly integrate cutting-edge technology into our products to make them more intelligent, accurate and powerful.

Our management team


Pedro Tortosa

Engineer, investor, entrepreneur and technology evangelist with experience creating and leading technology startups. He has a strong experience in infrastructure and software developement, with a vast culture in insfrastructure security.
Co-Founder & CTO

Alberto Gonzalez

Engineer with a demonstrated experience in computer software industry. Expert in Virtualization, Cloud, Backup, Storage, Data Center. He has also a strong history in Managing Software Development and Data Security software