Arexdata Security Solutions protect your most valuable asset - your data

A simple to use, end to end, 360º view of you data: where is your data, who is accessing it, what they are doing with it

How do you protect your data from threats?

Data security is not just an issue that can be treated by technology alone. The real question is how do you share a culture of risk across all layers of the company, from the bottom to the top?

How do you identify your most sensitive data?

After many years of business-critical data collection, spread over NAS volumes, on cloud drives, and also on end-user's desktops and mobile devices, it becomes difficult to locate and identify what files contain sensitive data.

How do you comply with GDPR requirements?

Complying with GDPR is a key concern today for virtually all companies operating within the EU. Non-compliance means substantial fines risk. Demonstrable measures must be in place to protect personal user data.

Build a comprehensive approach to Data Security

Put your data under control
The first step is to bring your data under control by undertaking an exhaustive scan and risk analysis. This is the starting point to being aware of actual and potential threats to your business-critical data. It’s the first step to your peace of mind.
Enforce permission policies
Apply global policies as extensively as possible for sensitive file access and privilege account management. Make rules as clear as possible to limit exceptions and particularities.
Spread control of your data
Don’t centralise control or responsibility for data protection in your company. On the contrary, share the responsibility among your business line managers. They know what data is critical.

Benefits to customers

Business Oriented Data Security
As we implicate your Business Data Owners through suited features in their day-to-day life, we firmly anchor Data Protection into your business operation processes and your corporate culture.
High-performance Features
Arexdata tools are designed on cutting edge architecture and technology giving you powerful discovery and classification features, data storage, search and analysis; enabling easy adaptation to your business context, on your servers or in the cloud.
Multi-technology coverage
Files are spread over different volumes, be they physical, in the cloud or on removable devices. In order to be able to control the whole scope of sensitive and regulated data, Arexdata covers most technologies available on the market for Data storage.
Multi-Tenant Handling
Big organizations, Enterprises or Service Providers can manage several entities separately through the multi-tenancy capability of our products. This allows applying differentiated Data Security Policies (where required) from a single point of control.
Employee activity optimization
Arexdata Endpoint Audit includes Time Tracking and Application Utilization Tracking features, allowing a thorough analysis of activity peaks and troughs.
Integrated Security Management
Arexdata Tools can integrate market Security Solutions from third parties to centralize and enhance monitoring and reporting capabilities. Arexdata Tools data can be also exported to other ISM consoles in order to manage all Security from one point.

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